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Nationals of certain countries may visit Vietnam without visa for a period of time, hereunder is the list of countries and regions that have Visa Waiver arrangements with Vietnam.

Special notes:
  • British National Overseas (BNO) passport holders are not eligible for the 15-day free visa exemption. Hence, it is required to apply for a visa to visit Vietnam.
  • Foreign passports are exempt from visa requirements to Phu Quoc island for no longer than 30 days. If they transit through other international airports in Vietnam before arriving Phu Quoc, they are still eligible for the exemption.
  • APEC Business Travel Card (ABTC) holders with valid passports are exempt from Vietnam visa requirements for stay of no longer than 60 days.

As of January 2019, regular passport holders from 21 COUNTRIES below DO NOT need a tourist visa for Vietnam:

1 Belarus 15 days
2 Brunei 14 days
3 Cambodia 30 days
4 Demark 15 days
5 Finland 15 days
6 France 15 days
7 Germany 15 days
8 Indonesia 30 days
9 Italy 15 days
10 Japan 15 days
11 Laos 30 days
12 Malaysia 30 days
13 Norway 15 days
14 Russia 15 days
15 Singapore 30 days
16 South of Korea 15 days
17 Spain 15 days
18 Sweden 15 days
19 Thailand 30 days
20 The Philippines 21 days
21 The united of Kingdom 15 days
The above is provided for informational purposes only, please double check with the official authorities in your country before you go.


Visa exemption certificate sample for overseas Vietnamese.

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